The Wallflower

I’m having trouble thinking of a decent, clever preamble for this one–so let’s just jump right into it. It was a typical July day in Vancouver (raining, dreary, cold)–Lamb was visiting from Korea, and Pickles had just returned from her trip to Europe. (So jealous!) Originally, GoddWong had wanted to eat at The Foundation for our lunch–but of course, we got there and the restaurant was full. Not wanting to wait, the four of us just walked across the street to The Wallflower. The Wallflower, too, was quite packed, but somehow the four of us managed to snag a table.

The restaurant was quite busy and the servers obviously overworked. It took us a lot longer than we’d have liked to be given menus and have our orders taken. The food also took quite a while, and while it was nice to enjoy each others’ company, it was a little stuffy inside and the tables were quite close together. Sometimes this can be a pleasant experience…and sometimes, it isn’t. Anyways, moving on to the food…

GoddWong, being the healthy person she is, had the Spinach Salad, which came with spinach, strawberries and balsamic vinegar. She chose to add grilled tofu, but opted out of the goat cheese. In the end, she didn’t really enjoy her salad, as the spinach was soggy and quite oily. To me, the vegetables also didn’t look very fresh. As far as a salad goes, I don’t care as long as the veggies are fresh–and this salad was disappointing.


Lamb chose the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, with a side of fries (you can also opt for soup or salad). The sandwich was served on garlic toast, with swiss cheese, onions, mushrooms, and peppers. Overall, she thought it was a good sandwich, but not something she would get again. The bread was hard, and the bread-to-filling ratio was off. Dipping the sandwich in the provided au jus softened the bread considerably, but made it a little too salty. She thought that the meat, cheese, and pepper complemented each other well, though. The fries were mediocre, being dry and neither greasy nor salty. They tasted baked, not fried, but were much too dry.

Pickles was debating between the eggs benny and the Shrimp Bacon Avocado Wrap, and eventually decided on the latter. In addition to the shrimp, bacon, and avocado, the wrap was served with a side salad and also included guacamole, lettuce, and tomato. The wrap was generic and quite bland, since it included no sauce. It was quite large, but very dry. The shrimp was rather disappointing, since it was the tiny, frozen, watery kind. Still, the bacon was crispy and the avocado soft and creamy. The side salad was fresh and not overdressed.

There were quite a few options for bennys, but I just opted for the classic Benny, with the typical English muffin, ham, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. It was quite a rainy, dreary summer day (oh, Vancouver) and I wasn’t feeling very adventurous. This version was nothing spectacular. The eggs were runny as they should be, but the hollandaise sauce was a little too thin and a little too bland. I enjoyed the side salad though, which was the same as Pickles’s above. The best part of my meal, however, was the hash browns. They tasted real and were satisfying crispy, but not too greasy.

In the end, I felt like I enjoyed my lunch at The Wallflower–although that was probably due to the excellent company I had rather than the food. The restaurant seemed severely understaffed, and the food was nothing spectacular. In fact, the four of us didn’t feel that the food was anything great–(obviously, since my favourite part of my meal was the hash browns). I think this would be a good place to go if you have a larger group of people, since there are quite a few options on the menu, and there are even vegan options to accomodate a variety of diners. However, next time, I would prefer to wait for a table at The Foundation.

The Wallflower
2420 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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