About In Hye:

That’s pronounced In Hey, not In HAIIII. So, a little bit about me. I was born in Korea, and grew up in Seattle and the Silicon Valley, and have been living in the Vancouver area for almost six years now. I don’t pretend to be an expert at food (because I’m not), but I am a food-obsessed, broke and starving student. I’m always on the prowl for new restaurants that won’t break my budget. My other interests besides food include nail polish (to put it mildly) and writing. I’m also a huge pop culture junkie. Originally I started this blog because at some point I realized my mother is an excellent cook (NOTHING she can’t do) and I wanted to share that with a broader scope of people. What actually happened is that I started documenting pretty much everything I eat… in any case, I hope you find what you read both interesting and informative. Thanks for stopping by!

About Samantha:

And now, a little bit about myself! As a second-year student at UBC studying Classics and History, I split most of my time between school and work at the skating rink. In my spare time, I enjoy being out with the girlfriends, watching TV, and reading. I’ve always loved eating food (so much so that my family and friends used to give me food nicknames), but I’ve only recently started being a little more adventurous with my food choices. Thanks to In Hye’s request for me to contribute to her blog, and also a year of following some Vancouver-based food blogs together, I’ve been trying different restaurants and foods that I’ve merely passed over before. I’m not that big of a food connoisseur, so what you’ll get here is my frank opinion of the dishes I try, and the restaurants I go to. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what you read, and if you have any suggestions, comment away! Thanks!


If  you have any questions, criticisms, or suggestions for either of us, please e-mail us at ohnaturellevancouver@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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