X-Site Grill and Bistro

Summer is the season of (among other things) superhero movies. SB is a huge fan of superhero movies, so we started off the summer with Iron Man 3, with our next selection being Man of Steel. We were planning to watch it at our cheap neighbourhood movie theatre, with a quick, cheap lunch beforehand. And what could be cheaper than $4.95 lunch specials?

X-Site Grill and Bistro, on the eastern end of Hastings Street, epitomizes cheap food for me. $5.95 dinner specials, and $4.95 lunch specials (with the purchase of a beverage). I generally like nothing more than cold water to accompany my meals, but I was curious about what kind of food they could be serving for less-than-McDonald’s-prices, so I indulged in an iced tea to be able to order one of their lunch specials.


Because we were both quite hungry, we decided to order a Calamari ($6.95) to share. As far as calamari goes, this was decent, but not exceptional. The tzatziki sauce was oddly thick, and lacked any real tang–it simply tasted like sour cream. I love sour cream as much as the next person, but I wasn’t satisfied. The squid itself was tender, but overseasoned and seemed saltier and saltier the more we ate it. The dish was served warm, and the batter wasn’t quite crispy, but it was fine for what it was.


SB decided on the New York Peppercorn Steak ($9.95), a 60z New York strip served with Dijon peppercorn sauce, rice pilaf, roasted potatoes, green salad, and garlic bread. The steak was a bit small, as expected, and came out closer to medium rather than the medium rare we’d requested. As such, it was a bit too chewy–but what can you really expect? At least the peppercorn sauce added a nice kick. As for the sides, the salad was crisp and fresh, while the garlic bread was warm and toasted. Considering how expensive even a fast food meal is nowadays, this is a good deal for just $10.


As for me, I had the lunch special Chicken Souvlaki ($4.95), which was served with rice pilaf, roast potatoes, Caesar salad, pita bread, and tzatziki sauce. The chicken was both juicy and tender, and nicely seasoned. There wasn’t really anything to complain about here, except for the croutons in my salad. I’m a huge crouton aficionado (if such a thing exists), and I like my croutons to be salty, cheesy, and garlicky, with a nice crunch. I often force/coerce my friends to get extra croutons at those build-your-own-salad-bars so that I can satisfy my crouton craving. Anyways, I find most croutons to fulfill my requirements, but these croutons tasted oddly burnt. Each one I had tasted burnt, with no other recognizable taste. You probably don’t care about croutons as much as I do (I don’t think anybody does), so let’s move onto the other sides. Other than the croutons, nothing was particularly amiss, with the lettuce being crisp and the rice being well-cooked, and the tzatziki sauce was the same as the one served with our calamari. The pita bread was warm and slightly crispy, and not doused in oil as it is at some Greek restaurants. Overall, this was just a lot of food, especially considering the price, and enjoyable, despite the crouton mishap.

There really isn’t that much more to say about our meal here. The service was a bit lacklustre–despite the nearly empty restaurant, it took us a long time to flag someone down for the bill. Still, the food was cheap and did the job. This area of Burnaby isn’t exactly known for its fine dining scene, so if you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive bite to eat, X-Site will probably do the job.

X-Site Grill and Bistro
4625 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC

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