Thai Terrace

Some meals I enjoy more than others for a certain novelty factor. I think that’s the reason I love going out for breakfast or brunch, simply because I rarely have the time for it. Going out for lunch on a weekday is kind of unusual for me as well, considering I have school five days a week, work, and some extracurricular activities. Faced with weekends over-scheduled with studying and work, SB and I decided to have lunch on a Friday, at a spot near campus. I was craving Thai and so decided on Thai Terrace, a small restaurant near the intersection of Broadway and MacDonald, easily accessible through the 99 B-Line.

What drew me to Thai Terrace (in addition to my obvious love of Thai food) is the reasonably priced lunch specials. The lunch specials are all $8, and include an entree, side of rice, a salad, and a soup or a spring roll. That’s quite a reasonable price, especially considering the neighbourhood, so I was willing to give it a try.


So here’s the Salad that we both received as the start to our meals. It simply consisted of pieces of lettuce, julienned carrots, and corn. I’m not exactly sure what the dressing was, but it tasted strongly of apples, which I enjoyed. I generally enjoy salads as long as the ingredients seem fresh, and this was decent. The corn was a nice touch, and made it a bit more special than any old regular salad served at any old regular restaurant. Also, I thought that the little dish they served it in was adorable. Do the plates and cutlery really enhance your dining experience? Maybe not for some people…but I’ve probably inherited my mom’s love of plate ware.

DSC_0025As the second accompaniment to my meal, I chose the Soup. They didn’t specify exactly what kind of soup this was, but it tasted strongly of coconut milk and lemongrass. It was very thin and watery, and I would perhaps describe it as more of a broth than a soup. It tasted homey and was a comforting way to start the meal, although I would have appreciated more ingredients than the diced green onions and chunks of tofu that were included. The portion size is not bad–I ended up finishing maybe three quarters of the bowl.

DSC_0027For his entree, SB chose the Pad Num Man Hoi, with a choice of either chicken, beef, or tofu sauteed with oyster sauce over a bed of boiled broccoli and carrots. He thought that the chicken was sliced too thinly, perhaps to compensate for the ingredients not being perfectly fresh. Still, he was satisfied with the veggies, as the broccoli was crunchy, while the carrots were chewy. The oyster sauce was quite oily. The meal was also served with some rice and a spring roll, the alternative choice to the soup.


The spring roll was quite crispy, while the sauce was extremely sweet and syrupy. The rice was standard. I thought the portion size was a bit small, especially in comparison to my meal. After this, SB still downed two slices of pizza before he was satisfied (although he does have a big appetite). I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this option if you’re starving.

Meanwhile, I decided on the Pad Thai, as I usually do. Their version had the requisite fried rice noodles with egg, pressed tofu, bean sprouts, peanuts, with a choice of chicken, beef, tofu, or prawns for the protein. I opted for the prawns, of which there were maybe two…but what can you really expect for the price? The portion size was decent, but the noodles could have been chewier. I liked how it didn’t taste overwhelmingly of ketchup, as is often the case with inauthentic Thai food. The ingredients were all fine, with nothing being especially amiss, although the carrots had a strange texture and didn’t seem at all fresh. Overall, it was a decent pad thai, nothing outstanding, but fine for the price I paid. If Bob Likes Thai Food were closer to school, I would choose to go there in a heartbeat…but beggars can’t be choosers.

Overall, we weren’t incredibly impressed with our experience at Thai Terrace, but I wasn’t expecting much anyway. It’s more of a small, family-run place for those in the neighbourhood to get their Thai fix with polite, unobtrusive service, and fine for a quick lunch.

Thai Terrace
2872 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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2 Comments on “Thai Terrace”

  1. Mary Leong says:

    Bob Likes Thai Food just opened a second location on Broadway and Granville! It’s not too far from Macdonald and the 2 extra B-line stops are worth it.

    • inhyee says:

      I saw that! But I also heard that the new location isn’t as good as the original so I’ve been a bit hesitant about trying it out.

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