Peaceful Restaurant

Whenever someone gives me a restaurant recommendation, I add it to an ever-growing list I keep on my phone. However, because of my school schedule, work schedule, and various other commitments, I don’t have enough time to eat out as often as I’d like. For the past year or so, the list has been growing and growing, and I’ve made very little progress in crossing restaurants off it. One of the restaurants that I’ve meant to visit for a long time is Peaceful, one of many noodle joints on Broadway and Cambie. I finally got to try some of their famous noodles on a recent trip with SB.

This is a small, crowded, narrow, bustling restaurant. We arrived quite early for dinnertime (sometime around 5:30), and so were seated immediately, but by the time we left, the place was completely full and many diners were waiting for a table. Although the seating bordered on being uncomfortable, it just spoke to how the popular the place is.


I took a while perusing the menu, and ended up ordering the Sizzled Hot Chili Noodles ($7.95). You can order the noodles to be hand-pulled or knife-shaved, and I opted for the former. The noodles were drizzled with hot chili garlic oil, and served with bok choy. When this first arrived, I was taken aback by the copious amount of chili seeds, but it was surprisingly not too spicy. It tasted more sour to me than anything else, which I’d expected, considering my previous experiences with Mandarin cuisine. The noodles were decently chewy and had good bite. I found that there was a tad too much oil for my tastes, but other than that, the dish worked and was quite enjoyable.


Meanwhile, SB ordered the Shanghai Pork Chop Soup Noodles ($7.95). There’s nothing too complicated about this dish, which is simply crispy fried pork chop and spinach in a savoury broth. For this bowl, we had the knife-shaved noodles, and they were satisfyingly chewy. As you might expect, you could really feel the texture with each noodle, which was great. The pork chop, meanwhile, was a little crispy and a tad dry, but fine when eaten with the savoury soup. This was a great bowl of noodles, especially for the price. I would classify this as comfort food, and definitely something I’d look for on a rainy day.


And, finally, we shared the star dish of the night, the Peaceful Beef Rolls ($7.95), which had five-spice beef, green onions, and sweet hoisin sauce rolled in a crispy flatbread. To put it mildly, I loved this. It was crispy without being too oily, and had the perfect amount of hoisin sauce. The green onions were more there to provide a textural contrast than flavour. I’ve had several versions of this dish, and I loved how this particular version seemed more like a pastry shell in a sense, being very flaky but also fluffy on the inside. The four pieces were quite substantial in size, and I felt quite full after having two pieces in addition to my bowl of noodles. Guy Fieri raved about this dish in an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and it definitely lived up to the hype.

There are a great number of noodle places in this particular intersection, ranging from ramen shops to pho, but there’s a reason why Peaceful is so ridiculously popular. I would go back anytime to try more of their noodles and, of course, for the beef roll. If you’re looking to eat in a place with great ambiance, this obviously isn’t what you’re looking for, but it’s quite family-friendly and a good place to grab a quick bites with friends. The service is quite minimal, and the servers were always busy, but they were about as friendly as I expected them to be. Overall, Peaceful lived up to the hype!

Peaceful Restaurant
532 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

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