Vera’s Burger Shack

Eating out with someone for the first time can be somewhat awkward. This awkwardness can be either alleviated or magnified by the fact that I tote a DSLR to every meal I possibly can, documenting people’s food and grilling them for details afterwards (no pun intended). Thankfully, when I mentioned my weird hobby to Lauren, she seemed genuinely interested and graciously allowed me to carry on. We headed out to Vera’s Burger Shack in the UBC Village during our lunch break, as both of us had redeemed a Facebook coupon. The coupon allowed us to have a complete meal (burger, fries,and pop) for the price of a burger. Good thing because the burgers at Vera’s are a bit pricey at around ten dollars.


Lauren had the Four Cheese Burger ($8.99), with the four cheeses being provolone, feta, cheddar and bleu. All burgers at Vera’s come free with what they call “the Usual Suspects”, being ketchup, mustard, relish, lettuce, tomato, and Vera’s Sauce. Both our burgers were also served with onions and peppers. Lauren enjoyed her burger, as the beef patty was not too hard or too crumbly, but she was disappointed that she couldn’t really taste any of the cheeses except for the bleu cheese. Also, she found that the peppers overpowered all the other ingredients. This was a massive burger though, but I’m not sure I would pay ten dollars for the burger alone.


I opted for the Canuck Burger ($8.49), which is just a basic burger with bacon and cheddar cheese. I liked how the patty was moist but not too oily, but, like Lauren, I found that all the flavour was overwhelmed by the peppers. In general, though, I felt that the ingredients were fresh and of a higher quality, with the lettuce and tomato slices still retaining their shape and natural crispness despite the moisture from the patty. The burger itself wasn’t remarkable or memorable, but it was huge. I ate about half of it in one sitting, and that left me feeling uncomfortably bloated for the rest of the day. (But then again, I have an infamously small appetite). I enjoyed how the bun was soft and spongy, but the burger itself was quite messy to eat. I actually resorted to eating it with a fork and knife, but that didn’t help much.

As part of our meals, we both received a basket of Fries. They weren’t exceptional fries. I would have preferred them to be hotter and crispier. They weren’t unpleasant, but were also not especially memorable. It was strange that they weren’t hot or crispy, since it looked like they were cooked to order, much like the burgers. Although the burgers were definitely much better than your regular McDonald’s cheeseburger, I personally prefer McDonald’s fries: skinny, greasy, and satisfying. Maybe that’s just a vestige of my having been a McDonald’s employee at some point in my life, but still.

Overall, Lauren and I had a good time at Vera’s, but I think that was more due to each other’s company than the food itself. The burgers are quite large here, but I wouldn’t recommend getting all the toppings (even though they are free), as the peppers really overwhelm the burger itself. I’m not sure about the other gourmet burgers, but the ones we had tasted quite similar to each other, and were difficult to eat due to their size. I still find ten dollars to be pricey for just a burger without the fries and drink, and wouldn’t have come here without the coupon. Still, considering the somewhat limited food options on campus, Vera’s is a good choice for a simple lunch at UBC.

Vera’s Burger Shack
2188 Western Parkway
Vancouver, BC

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