Fable Kitchen

Before you read this, a word of caution: this was the best meal I’ve had in the history of the blog. If this post ends up being very rambly, glowing, and overall uncharacteristically positive, I apologize. It’s simply because I had a really great dining experience here.

So the story goes that it was my birthday. I always get really excited for my birthday, which usually results in some kind of disappointment. This year I had a perfect birthday. It started with a lovely dinner with all my friends at Cardero’s Restaurant a week before the actual day. On the day itself, I went to the flea market with my mom in the morning, had lunch with her at Belgian Fries (review upcoming), and then dinner with SB at Fable.

I pass by Fable on the bus everyday on my way to and from school. Once called Fuel, then Refuel, the newest incarnation is called Fable. The restaurant has a classy yet cozy interior, and the tables are quite close together. I actually liked it that way because we were sandwiched between a hipster couple and a group of older couples, and the atmosphere was quite friendly and appreciative of the food. Also, the server was very accommodating and genuinely friendly.

For our appie, we shared the misleadingly named Spaghetti with Meatballs. It’s actually tagliatelle with a single duck meatball and parmesan foam. In one word, this was great. The meatball had bits of mushrooms and onions, with the mushrooms retaining their natural chewiness and adding texture. The meatball itself had a crispy exterior, with a prominent duck flavour that we both enjoyed. The noodles were very chewy, and tasted organic, handmade, and overall, fresh, while the parmesan foam meshed the ingredients together.

For  his main, SB chose the Flat Iron Steak, which was served with black pepper jam, broccolini, and potato fondant. The steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare and tender, and the portion size was perfect. The steak itself was flavourful, and eating it together with the black pepper jam made it heaven. Yup, heaven. The black pepper jam tasted slightly oriental, with SB commenting that it reminded him of hoisin sauce.  The potato fondant had a crispy exterior and perfectly uniform consistency. The broccolini tasted fresh, but was nothing special. At first, it didn’t appear to be a lot of food, but it actually turned out to be quite filling, even for SB, who I believe is capable of eating more than anybody else I know. As far as steak goes, this did not disappoint in the slightest.

As for me, there was duck on the menu, so of course I had to order it. In this case, it was the Duck Breast, served with scallion perogies, fiddleheads, and sauteed cauliflower. The duck was cooked perfectly, being juicy, chewy, and not too fatty. It was complimented very well by the perogies and cauliflower. Overall, I felt that the dish was unique, and the flavours were delicate but balanced each other out. The perogies were quite soft, while the cauliflower still retained some natural snap.

Lastly, we shared the Lemon Pot de Creme for dessert, since it was recommended to us by the server. This was served topped with lemon granita, gin foam, and tangerine slices. The granita was almost shockingly refreshing, but in a good way, with the smooth, silkiness of the dessert offsetting the strong, tangy citrus flavour nicely. The gin foam was mild and the tangerine slices tasted as you would expect, but the granita was the star of the dessert. We both enjoyed how this wasn’t overwhelmingly lemony or sweet, since we’re both not fans of really sweet desserts.

The two of us were really impressed by our dinner at Fable, with every aspect of it being nothing short of excellent: the food, the service, the ambiance, etc. Every dish we sampled was delicious, creative, and unique. Generally after meals, I have to pester SB to get the details on his food; this time, as soon as we stepped out of the restaurant, he forced me to whip out my notepad so he could rave about the food. And the great part is, the whole meal cost under $100 even after tip and tax, despite us having had both an appie, a dessert, and a drink in addition to our entrees. I definitely hope Fable sticks around for a long time and doesn’t end up becoming ReFable, or something. Yum.

Fable Kitchen
1944 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

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