The Waterfront

Way back at the end of June, my Scout group was going to a family camp on the Sunshine Coast. Seeing as the campsite was a drive, ferry ride and another drive away, a group of leaders decided to head in earlier. How early, you ask? I woke up at 5.

Naturally, after the ferry ride (which was surprisingly short, but then I’ve never been to the Sunshine Coast before), we were all famished, so we drove down to the waterfront, parked our cars, and wandered the streets in search of a restaurant that would fit all of us. We stopped by Molly’s Reach at first, but wanted to walk around a bit more to see what else the quiet little town of Gibsons had to offer. We actually walked right by The Waterfront Restaurant, but upon seeing the end of the road, we decided it was futile to go further, and turned right back around to The Waterfront.

Since our group was so big, we were seated in a semi-private area which included 2 other tables, which stayed empty for the duration of our meal. I liked this arrangement, as we could walk around and chat freely without bothering other diners. After some deliberation (and some coffee), as there were quite a few options to choose from, we placed our order.

Food came relatively quickly, and first up is HT’s The Big Breakfast, which included 6 (yes, 6!) strips of bacon (or 3 slices of ham, or 4 sausages), 2 eggs in any style, hashbrowns and your choice of toast or fluffy pancakes. This was a pretty standard breakfast, save for the larger portion of meat you could get– the eggs were prepared adequately, and the bacon was nice and crisp. While I didn’t like the hashbrowns very much (I like mine a little more fried so it’s more… brown), the standout for his breakfast were the pancakes. Fluffy, indeed. I only had 1 bite, but oh my goodness this was pancake heaven– I’ve never had any as perfectly light before, not even at IHOP, which presents itself as a pancake house (ha.). In fact, it was so great that I wanted more, and for those who know me, you know I never ask for more (or any) pancakes. Maybe if other restaurants made their pancakes as fantastically I would order them more often…

Actually, I did end up eating more pancakes because Samson had ordered the exact same dish as HT did. Bless his heart! Normally I would be a wee bit annoyed that he ordered the EXACT SAME DISH as someone else, but in this case, I’ll let it slide (: His breakfast was pretty much the same as HT’s, only he had his eggs done over easy. Anthony and Helen, too, ordered the same Big Breakfast and shared, but with 3 slices of ham instead of bacon. The ham was a little on the salty side, even for ham, but otherwise they felt that their meal was quite decent for the price they paid. I liked how their eggs were perfectly fried up, and that there were no black marks from a dirty pan (which you see in some franchise restaurants here, hem hem.)

Stephanie and Alicea both ordered the French Toast, which the menu describes as “2 slices of bread dipped in egg and cinnamon, grilled to golden perfection”. Steph’s french toast went a bit past golden perfection zone and into the burnt char zone– you can kind of see in the picture that the piece in the foreground has a darker bottom than the top. Alicea’s, on the other hand, looked ok.These two humongous pieces of toast were really filling (this picture doesn’t really do the size justice, but you can see the that more clearly in HT’s picture), and when slathered with syrup and peanut butter, made for a delicious meal. I thought that these could have been a little fluffier (pancaaaaakes, yum), but were fine as is.

Mr. and Mrs. Yiu both had the Gibsons Feast, which is again another standard breakfast featuring 2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 pieces of ham and 2 strips of bacon in addition to the usual hashbrowns and toast. In general, they had the same comments as the others above who had the same breakfast, but added that their sausages were cooked well and were not too salty, and that everything was steaming hot when they dug in.

For myself, I had the Mediterranean Omelet, which is a three-egg omelet with onions, tomatoes, green peppers and feta cheese. This too came with hashbrowns and toast. I liked that the onions and green peppers were still crisp and not a soft, mulchy mess, and that there was an adequate amount of cheese to flavour the veggie omelet without overwhelming the natural sweetness of the veggies. My hashbrowns were pretty much the same as everyone else’s– a tad too soft for my liking. I did like the toast, though, as it wasn’t too dry nor too buttery. For $11.50, I felt that the portion was on the smaller side, but considering we were in a touristy area, the price wasn’t too out of range.

Our breakfast at The Waterfront Restaurant was just what we needed– a wake-up call after a long and early morning of waiting in lines. The food was nicely prepared, if not a little on the generic side, but really, what more could we have expected for breakfast? Prices were a little higher than what I was used to in Vancouver, but like I said above, touristy area = touristy prices. I didn’t get to take a look at their dinner menu, but I think I would come back here (for those yummy yummy pancakes!) if I were ever in the area again.

The Waterfront
440 Marine Drive
Gibsons, BC

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