Lucy’s Eastside Diner

One thing I love about wandering Main Street is that you get to stumble upon so many little restaurants and shops that you’d normally miss if you were just driving or transiting by. On one of our Girls’ Day Out shopping excursions, we happened upon Lucy’s Eastside Diner on Main, about a block away from the Chevron on 12th. Unfortunately, it was quite late at night and so we’d already had dinner (up the street at Burgoo), but I thought I would like to make a visit here sometime.

Fast forward 4 months, and I’ve finally had the time to go. My lunch date for the day was Emo, who had actually just helped me move some furniture, so of course I had to treat him to lunch for being so generous. Lucy’s was a few blocks away from where we were that dreary day, so we quickly found ourselves some street parking, and made our way into the restaurant.

Lucy’s looks quite quaint and diner-y (or at least what I think is quaint and diner-y. I’m sure that differs from what you picture in your head). There are chrome tables with the tops painted a bright orangey-coral, the requisite breakfast bar area, and a few cozy booth seats in the back. We chose to sit at the bar on the turny stools, and even ordered some classic diner-y items so that I (we?) could get the full experience.

We started our meal off with a Strawberry Milkshake, which came with a refill tin. Since we were at the counter, we got to see our waitress make the shake; unfortunately, all we saw her put in was a few scoops of ice cream and a drizzle of strawberry syrup. Maybe my expectations were a little high (diners are typically known for their quickly-served dishes and not for their fancily-made food), but I was disappointed that they didn’t put any actual strawberries in it. I understand that strawberries and other fresh fruits may be on the expensive side, but I honestly wouldn’t have minded if it was just the stewed-in-syrup kind either. Oh well. Since there weren’t strawberries blended in, the milkshake was very smooth and creamy, but a little lacking in flavour– all I could really taste was the vanilla ice cream. It was also less thick than I prefer my shakes (I kind of like the struggle, and I’ll always remember Peter’s Drive-In in Calgary for their amazing shakes that one summer). For the price ($5), I’ve certainly had better, but I suppose it wasn’t too bad going down.

Emo and I each decided on a meal each– that way we could sample a bit more of what they offered. He chose Lucy’s Homemade Mac n Cheese, which was quite a decently sized dish for $6.50. Emo ended up adding bacon for an extra cost (I believe it was about $3) so that he’d have more than just cheesy carbs on his plate– not that bacon is really that healthy anyways, but who can hate bacon? I thought that the Mac was nice and creamy, and was on the milder side of the cheesy scale. I liked that it wasn’t a nasty, radioactive colour (a la Kraft Dinner), which made eating it much more enjoyable. However, I didn’t find the bacon, which was crispy and tasty, to be worth that much extra, but then there was still quite a bit of food for under $10. This was probably one of the better macs I’ve had recently.

For myself, I love a good omelette, and was pleasantly surprised by their extensive and eclectic filling options. I was stuck between the caramelized onions, mushrooms (!) and bacon and the Artichoke Hearts, Marinated Roasted Peppers, Mushrooms and Goat Cheese 3-egg Omelette, but I chose the latter instead. I liked the different choices available for the filling– no boring, plain old Denver omelettes for me! This omelette was packed full with ingredients, all of which tasted fresh (well, as fresh as a marinated pepper can be). The eggs were fluffy and the goat cheese provided a good salty kick to the plate, and it all just worked well together. Along with the omelette (not very nicely presented, but whatever) were some hashbrowns and toast. I’d have to say that the hashbrowns were a bit of a fail, as they were far too potatoey for my taste and were quite bland despite the seasoning you see– I had to use a ton of ketchup, which isn’t something I normally do. The toast was alright and well, toast-ish. I liked the main better than the sides in this dish, and I’d gladly come back to try their other omelettes too.

So this visit to Lucy’s was a hit-and-miss. I liked some aspects, and disliked others, but overall it was an ok experience. Perhaps if I find the time to go back (maybe during school, since it’s close to the 99 route) I’ll try a different drink and another omelette, or their other offerings of burgers, hot dogs and other diner-y entrees. It certainly helps that Lucy’s in open 24 hours, so if I’m in need of a place that is both meal- and allnighter- material, I have one more place to go.

Lucy’s Eastside Diner
2708 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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