Tealips Bubble Tea and Coffee

Despite being pretty full from our steak adventure at Gotham Steakhouse, we managed to find a little more room in our stomachs for dessert. Seeing as David could meet up with us for the latter part of our night, we tried to meet him halfway, and wracked our brains for a place in Burnaby that was open kind of late. Having been introduced to a place in Edmonds by Su a few months back (we were on a study date), I suggested we all head over to Tealips, a waffle and bubble tea shop right behind Highgate Mall.

We started off with the Dessert Waffle Combo to share, which included two Liege waffles: on the left is the Mixed Berries Waffle, consisting of blueberries, blackberries and strawberries coupled with vanilla ice cream, almond slivers, whipped cream and chocolate sauce and powder, and the Cinnamon Waffle, which was topped off with slices of bananas and syrup, as well as a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream. Both these waffles were pleasantly sweet, and the berries were all plump and only slightly tart. The ice cream was a little on the icy side, but all that really did was add more texture to the dish. Su and I had actually ordered this on our previous excursion here (hence the bright photo above), and it was just as good then as it was when I went with Darek, Emo, Samson and David– and an even better deal, since we spent $10 between the five of us! For now, at least…

Having just one plate was apparently not enough for us– we ended up getting 4 more (ridiculous, I know, but that’s just how good it was!). The first of our purchases was the Green Tea Mochi, which was pre-packaged in a little plastic bag. To be honest, most of the mochi looked a little unappealing, probably because it was placed at child-hand-level– you could clearly see somebody had poked and squished some of them. However, I managed to find one package near the back that was relatively intact. The mochi had a nice green tea taste to them, and were just sweet enough. I thought that there was a decent chewiness to the mochi, which is really all I’m looking for in this dessert anyways.

After we ate all of this, Samson and I went up to order another dish in the Mixed Fruit Shaved Ice. This was a pretty deep bowl, chock-full of a variety fruit (strawberries, kiwi, banana, pineapple) and small mochi. This was also topped with a scoop of the same icy ice cream and some matcha powder. The shaved ice wasn’t ground down too fine, so there was a very satisfying crunch with every bite we took. There isn’t too much to say about this– I’ve had better shaved ices, but that was in Hong Kong, and from what I’ve had in the Lower Mainland, I’d say this is pretty on par with what’s served around here.

When we finished the shaved ice (and it really didn’t take that long even though it was a large bowl), I thought that maybe we’d be good to go. Not so, for David went up to order another waffle– the Red Bean Matcha Waffle. I believe that you can pick from the Liege or the Belgian waffles, and as you can see, David chose the Belgian-style waffle (which is generally the kind you get for breakfast). This type of waffle is far less dense and sweet than the Liege waffle, but the dessert wasn’t bland by far. The red beans retained a bit of firmness despite being stored in syrup, and exhibited a nice sweetness that wasn’t overwhelming. The matcha powder was served just like it was in the shaved ice– atop the scoop of vanilla ice cream. On the whole, this was a good choice as the flavours were well balanced, but I definitely like the Liege waffle better.

After all this food, Emo decided that he could do with more, and went up to order the Mixed Berries Waffle (the same one that is in the dessert combo). This was pretty much the same thing… so I won’t go on about how it tastes. Darek, after taking a bite, declared that he wanted to marry whoever made the waffles, and went up to the counter to order the same waffle. I’m sure the waitresses were either very amused, very annoyed, or both. He didn’t end up marrying the waffle-making-lady, and settled instead by devouring the waffle in short order.

None of us really felt like getting drinks that night, so here are the two drinks that Su and I ordered the time we went to study. I got the Passionfruit Green Tea with Aloe Bits after much pondering, and was glad with my choice. I could clearly taste the two flavours in my drink, and it didn’t taste all that syrupy, which is a plus. The aloe bits were… well in Chinese I would say they were “soung”, but I can’t really decide on the right word for them here. Let’s just say that they tasted like I expected them to. I don’t really remember the price, but I remember feeling that it was quite reasonable. Su ordered the Matcha Ice Cream Smoothie, which is basically green tea powder mixed in with ice cream. This was very well-blended (no random ice chunks) and tasted really creamy and cool.

I would gladly make a return trip to Tealips to try all the other food and drinks they offer (they have sandwiches and soup as well as the desserts and drinks I talked about)– the shop is very chill and calming, and is definitely a great place to study since they have a ton of wall outlets and free wifi too. You can get coffee here as well, without having to reek of it like you would if you spent a long time at Starbucks. Price-wise, I felt that everything was pretty reasonable, and it was clear that the waitresses there put a lot of effort into making each dish. This is a long time coming, but thanks for introducing me to the place, Su!

Tealips Bubble Tea & Coffee
7139 Arcola Way
Burnaby, BC

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