Gotham Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar

Being away from Vancouver for a while can be a little hard on your tastebuds– you miss out on all the great Japanese, Chinese, and Pacific Northwest food that we so often take for granted here in the GVRD. So when Samson came back from his four-month co-op in Mississauga, I tasked myself with getting him reacquainted with all the food here– not that it was an onerous job. I mean, we get to spend quality time together eating quality food (plus I get a blog post out of it). Win-win, right? (:

We decided to start off with a good steak, so while he was in Ontario I perused my usual food blog-guide, AKA Sherman’s Food Adventures. I was intrigued by the gigantic steak he had ordered (and of course Samson was as well), so I made the reservation for the Tuesday after his arrival.

Joining us for dinner that night were Emo and Darek (poor David couldn’t make it out). Luckily for us (or maybe just me?) we were seated right by the window– perfect for taking pictures! And you know, for seeing the food… Anyways.When we sat down, our hostess handed us an iPad wine menu… and boy was I excited. I mean, it’s not every day you see an iPad used as a menu, right? Right?? Maybe I just don’t go out enough. So while the boys were having fun flicking through the different wines we could order, I, of course, started munching on our complimentary Onion Loaf and took a look at the plain ol’ paper food menu.

Prices at Gotham aren’t exactly in the same league as the ones at The Keg. Actually, they are quite a bit higher, and the steaks themselves don’t come with sides; you have to get those a la carte. After some careful deliberation, we each decided on a steak each and 3 sides to share, plus a bottle of wine– it was a celebration, after all!

Samson, of course, went for the 24-oz Porterhouse Steak. A monster of a steak (as you can it’s nearly the size of the plate, and it wasn’t exactly a small plate), the porterhouse is, meat-wise, about 70-80% strip steak and 20-30% tenderloin. Samson felt that his steak was well-seasoned, and didn’t need extra pepper, even though we usually head straight for the pepper grinder when we’re out. In terms of the meat itself, the porterhouse came a little more medium than medium-rare, but he thought it was understandable, and obviously it was better than having it overdone. The tenderloin side was, well, tender– so tender, in fact, that it was difficult to cut at times because it simply started tearing instead. The striploin side had some bite, but wasn’t too tough; however, it wasn’t as melt-in-the-mouth as the tenderloin (which is to be expected).

Darek, then, ordered the 16oz Bone-In New York Steak. He felt that this was a great cut of beef, with lots of flavour from the charring and seasoning. Darek commented that he usually isn’t a fan of the fat, but this steak was so well-marbled and seasoned, he didn’t mind it at all (of course, the marbling helps with the flavour as well). At $54.95 this wasn’t a cheap steak– none of these are, after all– but Darek felt that this was quite worth it.

Emo and I both decided to get the filet– he had the Petit Filet, while I had the regular-sized Filet Mignon. At 7 and 13 ounces respectively, these were a bit bigger than we expected; we had thought that the petit would be somewhere around 5 or 6oz, and the filet mignon would be around 8oz, so this was a pleasant surprise. Our steaks were again well-seasoned and charred, and went very well with the Blasted Church Merlot (pictured above) that we ordered. Emo enjoyed his steak because a) he didn’t have to deal with bones like Samson and Darek did, and b) it was well-cooked, at a little less than medium-rare. Even though our filets looked small in comparison to the porterhouse and bone-in, we ended up being quite full and satisfied.

Now onto the sides! Like I said above, we ordered three sides: Lyonnaise Potatoes, Asparagus and Sauteed Mushrooms. When we were choosing our sides at the beginning of our night, we were thinking Mashed Potatoes– fluffy and filling, what could be better?– when the Lyonnaise Potatoes caught our eye. We didn’t know what it was, exactly, so we asked our server Colby, who explained that they were sliced potatoes first baked, and then pan-fried with onions and duck fat. Mm, duck fat… There was a good balance of flavours between the potatoes’ spices and the sauteed onions, and there wasn’t too much oil left on the plate. The potatoes were a little bit stiff, but only on certain parts, so this was acceptable on the whole. I liked the uniqueness of this side dish (I mean, I’ve only ever been offered mashed or baked when I choose a potato side), so this was a nice change.

Our Fresh Asparagus came lightly buttered and salted, and was cooked perfectly, being neither too crunchy and raw nor too soggy and overcooked. I usually can’t stand asparagus because of its weird smell and oddly textured heads, but this dish was actually quite good– I had 2 stalks, which obviously doesn’t sound like a lot, but it really is when you look at the number we actually had.

Our favourite side of the night had to be the Spiced Sauteed Mushrooms. These were again lightly seasoned, this time with a little spicy kick that made them so much better than plain old sauteed shrooms. The small button mushrooms were all very juicy and not-too oily, and we definitely didn’t have trouble finishing this one off, even though we were super full by the end of our meal. I don’t know how else to describe these, really– but they were so delicious, I wanted to order another plate to eat there and one more for take out. Then again, I love mushrooms almost as much as I love bread… but the guys don’t, and they had a very good opinion of these too, so it isn’t really just me (:

I had a really great time at Gotham– the staff were all friendly and professional, and didn’t treat us like a bunch of lame teenagers trying to be fancy-schmancy by going to an expensive, out-of-our-league steakhouse. Colby (the server) was extremely helpful when we were deciding between a few dishes, and often offered up his own opinion on the dishes too, which was a nice personal touch. I would like to go back, but then it really was super pricey on a student income– our four steaks, 3 sides and bottle of wine cost nearly $90-100 a person, which is a lot more than I care to pay for dinner. Nevertheless, Gotham was an interesting experience, and I would recommend it to others who are looking to have a nice steak with their someone special for a special event– but of course, there are other steakhouses out there as well who could do the job too.

Gotham Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar
615 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC

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3 Comments on “Gotham Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar”

  1. hanzpiao says:

    I think you got the tenderloin/new york ratio upside down there…
    I used to be all about big steaks (The keg-o-mega prime rib/36oz bone in ribeye from Glowbal, etc) but now, I’ve realized its much more about the quality over quantity

  2. moksam says:

    Oh dear, I suppose I did… numbers and percentages have me all turned around. Thanks for catching that, Hanzhou!

  3. […] being pretty full from our steak adventure at Gotham Steakhouse, we managed to find a little more room in our stomachs for dessert. Seeing as David could meet up […]

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