Paros Taverna

My final exams this year ended on April 20th, which made me earlier than most of my friends. While I enjoyed having more time to myself, it was actually a little boring, considering none of my friends could enjoy this time with me. Well, Cindy’s last exam was a week or so after mine, so we decided to go for lunch to finally celebrate the end of exams. So while she was busy toiling away on her Spanish final, I decided to look around on the Internet for somewhere to eat. I had a bit of trouble deciding where to go, but Sam recommended Paros Taverna, a new Greek restaurant near Lougheed Town Centre, where Anducci’s had been. I had no idea that Anducci’s was gone, but after scoping out reviews on Urbanspoon (which seemed mostly positive), we agreed to try some Greek food.

So after shopping a bit around Lougheed, we traipsed over to Paros. I noticed they’d retained most of the fixtures from Anducci’s, and didn’t have an excess of foliage or blue and white paint like many Greek restaurants. We were immediately greeted by an extremely friendly waitress, and seated promptly. This waitress (whose name I don’t remember) was so sweet and friendly, without seeming artificial. We were both quite impressed with the service, and drew comparisons between Paros and My Greek Taverna, where the service is a little lackluster. Anyways, moving on…

The waitress informed us of their lunch specials, which seemed quite reasonable. The chicken and lamb souvlaki were both only price at $7.75, so I decided to order the chicken souvlaki, while Cindy chose the Moussaka. Like at most Greek restaurants, Cindy’s Moussaka was served with a roast potato, rice, Greek salad, tzatziki sauce, and some pita bread. She thought that as a whole, the food was solid, with nothing seriously amiss, but that the moussaka itself wasn’t the best, having a strange texture. While it tasted savoury and rich as it should, she found that the eggplant didn’t stand out like it should and just got lost in the rest of the ingredients (mainly the potatoes and cream).

I chose one of the lunch specials, Chicken Souvlaki, which was served with the same sides. The chicken was satisfyingly moist and flavourful, but came plated with the skewer, which I don’t like. (Pretty sure they’d remove the skewer for you if you asked, though.) As for the sides–I thought the portion size was respectable, and the ingredients of the salad tasted fresh. The potato tasted exactly as it should, and we couldn’t help drawing comparisons with the strange, salty/spicy version we’d sampled previously at My Greek Taverna. The rice was moist but not too wet. The only thing off about the sides, I found, was the tzatziki sauce, and Cindy agreed with me. It was quite bland, and I ended up not even using mine very much. The pita bread, not pictured, was nicely warm, and not drenched with oil like the one at My Greek Taverna. Like everything else, we found the portion size perfect, and actually quite impressive considering the price we paid. (Especially since my meal only cost $7.75!)

At the end of our meal, we were presented with a complimentary dessert, Baklava. According to other reviews I’ve read, this complimentary dessert is a common practice here, so here’s some more incentive for you to try this place out! To be honest, we were both quite full from our meals, but we managed to polish off quite a bit of this. While baklava usually isn’t my first choice when perusing the dessert section, I found the phyllo pastry was nicely flaky, and complimented the layers inside, although the overall taste of the dessert was a little too sweet for both of us. Still, I liked the gesture–presenting us with a dessert when our meals cost so little. If I was impressed by the service, I was impressed again by the dessert. Clearly they value their relationship with their customers here, which is something I consider key.

So, final verdict on Paros! Greek food is something that’s relatively common in Vancouver. I felt that all the food here was executed well, at reasonable prices, and the service was beyond excellent. We also very much appreciated the complimentary dessert! Cindy and I were both extremely impressed with our experience at Paros, and I definitely think it’s an improvement over Anducci’s which used to occupy the same spot.

Paros Taverna
9604 Cameron Street
Burnaby, BC

Paros Taverna on Urbanspoon

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