Jimmy’s Place Restaurant

In an area as densely populated and ethnically diverse as Vancouver, there are bound to be certain areas known for certain kinds of restaurants. Maybe I phrased that a little vaguely, but you get my drift. The North Road area is commonly known as an unofficial Koreatown, with two large Korean supermarkets on either side of North Road, and a huge number of small Korean restaurants and businesses. I live quite near the North Road area, so my family eats a lot of our meals there. However, on one April morning when my parents suggested going out for lunch, I didn’t feel game for our usual choice of Hee Rae Dung.

Jimmy’s Place was my choice for lunch. It’s a little difficult to find, as it’s way in the corner of a plaza dominated by Extra Foods and Petcetera (and also Hee Rae Dung), across North Road from Borandsi Cafe. I do walk by a lot on my way to Petcetera to buy cat toys. Still, every time I’ve been here, there are a large number of diners as well as people who just drop in for a cup of coffee. I think it’s something of a local hotspot, with clientele growing due to positive reviews on Urbanspoon.

Anyways…Jimmy’s Place is a little of a cheat when I say we didn’t want Korean food. Although the restaurant specializes in diner fare and breakfast, the food is cooked by a sole Korean chef (whose blurry face you can see in my photo there), and the service usually consists of two middle-aged, very sweet Korean ladies. It’s a little cafeteria style–first, you go up to order your food off the chalkboard, pick your own seats, and pour your own coffee and water, with the waitresses bringing your food out to your table. I actually prefer this, as the waitresses are polite and friendly but no tip is necessary.

My dad chose the Jimmy’s Special Burger, which is their house burger. You can also order it with their house fries or a bowl of soup. My dad found the bun a little hard, and the burger was so big that he found it a bit difficult to eat (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, when you think about it). He did remark that the vegetables tasted very fresh, and that the meat patty was moist. I found the price to be quite reasonable considering the patty is handmade–after all, even a meal at McDonald’s is getting quite expensive nowadays!

My mom chose to make her own Omelette, where you choose up to three ingredients (she chose tomatoes, onions, and bacon). The omelettes are quite large and served with toast (your choice of either whole wheat or white) and hash browns. She found the food on the whole to be not too salty, maybe bordering a bit on the bland side, but still quite enjoyable. The hash browns were savoury and tasty, especially when eaten with pepper and ketchup. My mom also ordered a cup of coffee, which I didn’t get a photo of, which she thoroughly enjoyed. She remarked that the coffee was the selling the point of the meal (I did see a lot of people come into the restaurant just for a cup of coffee).

I went for the Two Egg Breakfast, which comes with eggs (any style, I chose scrambled), toast (whole wheat or white), and your choice of bacon, ham, or sausages. As you can see, I chose the sausage, which was prepared well–served hot and not overly oily. As for the hash browns and toast, they were the same as my mom’s above–and the eggs was a little bland, but fine once I peppered and ketchuped them. It was a large breakfast, especially for the price I paid (something under the $7 mark).

As I’ve said in previous posts, Jimmy’s Place is my favourite place for breakfast in Coquitlam. The staff are quite friendly, and all the food is freshly homemade, with low prices. I guess the main con is that the food is a little bland, but it’s nothing a little pepper and/or ketchup won’t fix. Oh, they also only accept cash and debit as forms of payment, so if you’re dependent on your MasterCard or Visa, make sure to drop by an ATM before you go!

Jimmy’s Place Restaurant
435 North Road
Coquitlam, BC

Jimmy's Place Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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