Osaka Sushi

Sometimes you just don’t know what to eat. This day was one of those days. Asking SB to decide where to eat is pretty hopeless. His answer to everything is pretty much, “I don’t care” or “If you want to”. Sigh…there IS one thing he’ll never say no to, and that’s sushi. So despite the fact that we’d had sushi two days ago, we went again, this time to Osaka Sushi, on Hastings St.

This was our second visit. It’s quite a small place, but there were actually three tables already seated when we walked in, and a couple more people wandered in while we were eating. We were seated promptly, and the waitresses were very attentive despite the larger number of customers they had. For such a small restaurant, this place also has quite an extensive menu (the number of bento boxes alone is quite staggering) and we took a while deciding what to get.

We always make sure to try the Negitoro Roll at any sushi place we go to. (As you can see, we ordered two this time!) The rice was vinegary and sweet, while the toro was satisfyingly mushy and melted in our mouths, and the green onion provided a necessary crunch. The only beef I really had with this was that the bottom of the roll wasn’t quite as pretty as it should have been–the surface was concave rather than flat, if that makes any sense. It looked a bit hastily thrown together. I guess that’s just me nitpicking though.

Their menu boasts two pages of specialty rolls, so we ordered one of these as well–the Ocean Roll, to be exact. (The names of specialty rolls at sushi places always amuse me. I never get the reasoning behind them–what makes this roll more ocean-y than the others??) It consists of spicy red tuna and avocado on the inside, with imitation crab meat and tobiko on the top. This was enjoyable, with the spiciness of the tuna being subtle and not too strong so even those who can’t stand too much spiciness (ie., SB) could enjoy it. I liked the texture of the roll, but I would have preferred less imitation crab. I do like imitation crab, it’s just that there was too much of it on top of the roll. I ended up picking at it instead of eating it with the rest of the roll, and I didn’t feel that the large amount of it really added to the flavour of the roll. Still, I found the price (something like $8.95?) to be decent, considering that many sushi places charge $10 and over for a specialty roll.

Lastly, SB got the Salmon Don. (Sorry about the photo…my iPhone randomly decided to use flash). I liked the presentation–a neat little box of salmon covering a bed of rice, with lettuce, cucumber slices, lemon, wasabi, and ginger. The salmon tasted very fresh, fishy, and sweet. The rice was a bit too sweet for me–I’m not sure if I could have eaten all of the rice by myself. But I found the amount of rice to be quite generous for the price. The salmon was also cut into fairly large pieces that were texturally pleasing and contrasted with the cucumber and leaf lettuce.

To summarize, I enjoyed my experience here. It’s not as cheap as the nearby Sushi Garden or Sushi Town which are more well-known in Burnaby. However, I think that the higher prices are well worth it considering that you definitely pay for a more peaceful atmosphere and more attention from the waitstaff, and possibly a higher quality of ingredients. I’m not sure if I’d seek this place out if I weren’t in the neighbourhood, but if you are and you’re in the mood for sushi, I’d definitely recommend it.

Osaka Sushi
4152 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC

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2 Comments on “Osaka Sushi”

  1. Brenton Chin says:

    i dont like negitoro roll i dont think

    oooh sashimi don yummm.. but i always just get sashimi by itself\

    i think i’m gonna try it. it is close to sushi town? i need to find another sushi place along hastings since i live so close to it

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