Hello again! I apologize for not being on top of my blogging—I’ve had so much to do, what with school and work and studying and volunteering, I just haven’t had the time to write something up! But here it is—something short and sweet (for those of you who have to get back to your studies too).

My parents treated me to dinner at Horizons on a random Thursday night. After a tough day at work (the screaming children really get to you after a while), it felt really good to unwind with some good eats. Plus, as Horizons is on Burnaby Mountain, and it was a clear night, the view was spectacular!

My parents and I all got the same thing, the New York Steak and Lobster Tail Combo. We even got the steak done to the same degree… so much for being adventurous. But who can pass up a deal this good? The regular NY Steak is $33… without the lobster tail. This was a pretty large portion; definitely not what I was expecting when I heard it cost less than some of their chicken and pasta entrees. The steak and lobster were plated along with wild rice and a medley of roasted vegetables, including golden beets, carrots, zucchini, red peppers, and green beans. My steak was grilled a perfect medium-rare: hot all the way through, with juicy, pinkish-red meat inside and a seared brown outer edge. It wasn’t dry at all, and I don’t think it needed the au jus that was drizzled overtop of it. It added to the flavour, for sure, but I could also have done without it. The lobster was also cooked well, tasting fresh with some snap. It came with a lemon wedge and clarified butter—all pretty standard stuff. The only qualm I have with our dishes was that there was slight inconsistency: while my mom’s and mysteak were prepared just right, my dad’s was on the drier side, leaning more towards medium than medium-rare, but it’s not like it was unpleasant to eat. Still, for this value, it wasn’t too bad. Of course, if I were paying full-price, it would be more of an issue.

The sides of the rice and vegetables were alright—I’m a slight rice snob (being Asian I’m just accustomed to great rice), and the wild rice just didn’t do it for me. The vegetables were roasted just right, however, so that was definitely a plus. We also ordered a side of Sautéed Baby Spinach and Sautéed BC Mushrooms. The spinach was made with white wine, butter, and garlic, but I wasn’t a fan of that—but then, I don’t like the way cooked spinach feels on my tongue. Also, because of the sautéing, the spinach felt too heavy and mushy, so I only ended up having a bit. The mushrooms, however, were fantastic.

There was a good mix of button, shitake, porcini and portabella mushrooms cooked in browned butter and balsamic vinegar. Unlike the spinach, these were not overloaded with butter; there was just enough to taste, and it was only mildly flavoured. The sides were $5 each, and while I didn’t enjoy the spinach, I definitely recommend the mushrooms.

I’d classify Horizons as a “fine-dining” establishment, but you definitely won’t mistake it for something you’d find downtown. I like it because it’s rather intimate and quiet—you can have an actual conversation here, without having to worry about too-loud music and/or too-loud people. The service has been decent and friendly the few times I’ve been here, but I did experience a little bit of awkwardness this time around (the waiter seemed like he was preoccupied with something). And of course, the view from the south-side window seats can’t be beat—on a sunny afternoon, you can see all the way to the airport in Richmond!

There’s still a good two weeks left in March, so I definitely recommend you go to Horizons for their special offer this month (it’s only $20!). It is a little hard to get to if you don’t drive, but I do think it’s worth the trip. I’ve also heard some good reviews of their regular menu items as well, so maybe a trek up the mountain in the summer is something you can add to your to-do list! Just make sure it isn’t raining (:

100 Centennial Way
Burnaby, BC

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