This Reading Week I decided to document all my spending, since I’ve been trying to cut back. Turns out I only spent 60ish dollars! Funny thing is, the only real lasting purchase I made was nail polish–the rest of the money was spent on food…anyways, we (meaning me, Samantha, and co.) made it out to Burgoo, the Main Street location.

Burgoo is very…hm…cozy. By that I mean the tables are very close together, and the lights are slightly dim, but in a cozy way, not dark in that cool, trendy way (ie. Joeys, Cactus Club). I liked it, but it was slightly difficult to maneuver between the tables as we were being seated and as we were leaving. I was kind of scared I would knock over someone’s soup…since that’s what most people had (including myself).

That was a clumsy segue…but anyways, I had the French Onion Soup. I really like the way the dishes are presented here (looks like a piece of art!). This was a pretty generous portion at only $8. I figured for $8 it wouldn’t be enough to fill me up, so I also ordered the biscuits, but that turned out to be too much food. So technically I would have been content on a meal for around $10 at a nice restaurant. Sweet. Anyways, this had pretty much everything I want in a French onion soup: gooey cheese on the top, and a rich broth below with sweet onions and soggy croutons. (I LOVE croutons. Seriously. I eat them as a snack). By the time I was more than three quarters done though, the soup was quite salty and I couldn’t really make myself have many more of it. But that’s happened pretty much every other time I’ve had French onion soup, so no big deal. I really enjoyed this and wouldn’t mind having it a second time on my next visit.

So as mentioned above, I also ordered the Burgoo Biscuits. The menu describes them as warm Cheddar and parsley biscuits. They weren’t as warm as I would have liked them, and I didn’t really think the accompanying butter? margarine? was necessary. They were still quite pleasant to eat though, and definitely had that homey, comfort food quality that I’m sure Burgoo strives for. Yum!

Jeri had the Tastier Chicken Sandwich, which comes with a choice of salad (either caesar, spinach, or winter greens). She chose the greens. The sandwich consisted of roasted chicken, melted brie, apple, red onions, and other greens. She thought it was too bland. But then again, the only cheese  she can tolerate is cheddar…so she ended up scraping all the brie off her sandwich. Sam had the same sandwich and thought it wasn’t too bland. Her salad came dressed in a garlicky house vinaigrette (?). She ended up putting some of the vinaigrette on the sandwich to add some flavour.

Yvonne had the Soup and Sandwich combo with the Crab Bisque and the BLTCG (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheddar, and Guacamole), respectively. The sandwich was stuffed with ingredients and therefore a bit difficult to eat, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. She found the avocado to be overwhelmingly creamy and thought the sandwich would have benefitted from the use of more salt. She let me try a little of the bisque and it was spicier than I expected. Again, there was an abundance of crab meat in the soup–they don’t skimp out on the ingredients here. We were all impressed with the size of the sandwich as well as the accompanying soup–definitely a good deal for $15.

Hui had the Macaroni and More. In addition to the usual mac & cheese goodness, this also included breadcrumbs, bits of bacon, and peas. This was quite a big portion and full of ingredients as well. I usually find that mac and cheese is one of those foods you get sick of pretty quickly, but Hui managed to finish this. (Very impressive for a girl her size!) There’s not much to say about this, except I guess I’m not so sure that it’s worth $13. It was definitely good and warm and comforting and all, but I wouldn’t say it was one of the better values on the menu, especially if you’re like me and get sick of mac & cheese very quickly. Plus for $15 you could enjoy both a soup and sandwich…also, all the sandwiches alone (which actually come with salad) were priced under $15, so if I had to choose, I think I would pick the sandwich instead. To each their own though, I suppose. To summarize, it was an enjoyable dish, but not as great a value as the other items on the menu, in my opinion.

So Sam had the Sandwich and Soup Combo with the Tastier Chicken (same as above) and the Boston Clam Chowder as the soup. The chowder was very filling and contained lots of seafood besides the clam, like baby scallops. There were also potatoes, bacon, and onions. It was not too salty and as a whole it was above average and again, a good value. She enjoyed the sandwich more than Jeri, probably because she kept the brie.

So to summarize! As a whole we enjoyed our experience at Burgoo and would probably want to try the other locations as well. The service was quite friendly and the bill was brought to us in one of those circular dim sum steamers, which was a nice touch. Overall, we found Burgoo to be a good value.

3096 Main St
Vancouver, BC

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